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Waiting for the Light

Irish Culture, Documentary, Irish Language
Directed by:
Ciarín Scott
Produced by:
Atlantic Film Alliance


70 mins
English/Irish with English subtitles

This compelling biography shines a spotlight on one of the titans of Irish cinema George Morrison.

Waiting for the Light is a moving and illuminating portrait of the then 85-year-old Irish film auteur, George Morrison. Ciarín Scott explores his work, his life and his love in frank and intimate interviews interwoven with previously unseen stills and films from his extensive private collection.

Creator of the internationally acclaimed Mise Eire, Ireland’s first feature documentary, as well as the hugely successful Saoirse, Scott uncovers his triumphs, his passion for film, his obsessive perfectionism and his great personal charm and humour.

With kind permission of Ciarín Scott.