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The Horgan Brothers Collection: HUNGER STRIKERS

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This film captures the return to Ireland of Irish Republican prisoners who had been on hunger strike in Wormwood Scrubs prison, London. After the 1916 Rising a large number of Cork men were interned for their active role in the rebellion, many ending up being sent to Wormwood Scrubs and often resorting to hunger strike as a means of protest at their imprisonment. The largest hunger strike occurred in 1920 with 40 participants, when the prisoners were eventually released, and the Horgan Brothers were on hand to capture the moment.

The Horgan Brothers’ films (1910- 1920) are some of the earliest moving images made in Ireland. The Brothers were photographers who turned their attention to the moving image when they opened a cinema in their home town of Youghal, Co. Cork it was here they screened their newsreel style films, which they named the Youghal Gazette.

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With kind permission from Jim Horgan.