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Waves is a visually breathtaking film about the power of the sea. Capturing the Atlantic Ocean in various moods as it crashes against the Irish coasts, the film is a hymn to the relentless power and endless beauty of this elemental force of nature. With coastal scenes harking back to the majesty of Flaherty’s Man […]

Dublin Corporation: Water

AaronH IFI
Advertisement made by Dublin Corporation Water Conservation aiming to encourage viewers to conserve water. As the voiceover explains how water can be wasted, a tank of water containing a goldfish slowly empties. To see more from The Irish Adverts Project, click here. (1128)


AaronH IFI
An Irish language short film, Aqua tells the tale of Nick and Laura, an enterprising young couple, who plan to record the sounds of Irish rivers and sell them to the Irish-American market claiming it has soothing powers. Directed by Edel O’Brien, this film looks at the flipside of Celtic Tiger Ireland when greed was […]