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Mr. Alfred Lord Mayor of Dublin

In this sound newsreel the Lord Major of Dublin, Alfred (Alfie) Byrne, discusses Anglo-Irish relations and the prospect of a United Ireland in this speech from 1936. Seated comfortably in an armchair in a garden and wearing his mayoral chain of office,  Mayor Alfie Byrne assures Pathé Gazette viewers that there is no serious animosity […]

Historic Unionist Conference at Liverpool

AaronH IFI
Liverpool Unionists decide to support the Government, providing Ulster’s position as part of Britain is protected, on November 17th 1921 – less than a month away from the signing of The Anglo-Irish Treaty. Liverpool had a substantial Irish population, most of which were nationalist but a substantial proportion were unionist. The local M.P., Sir Laming […]

Orangemen Demonstrate

AaronH IFI
This newsreel is titled ‘Orangemen Demonstrate’ but the people marching in Belfast are actually the Irish National Foresters and Ulster Volunteers. The procession is followed by a group of women and young girls dressed in dark capes making their way through the city to a stadium where a demonstration is taking place. This footage is […]