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Songs of the Emerald Isle

This short film presents five much-loved Irish airs and ballads against a backdrop of the Irish landscape. Bing Crosby sings How Can you Buy Killarney? (from his St Patrick’s Day Parade album), John Feeney sings The Connemara Shore and Connie Foley sings Lovely Leitrim. These songs of yearning and nostalgia are illustrated with images of Irish Travellers, fishermen, foresters and farmers, ancient monuments, rich […]

Reflections – Ireland

Reflections – Ireland is a stunning, non-narrated tourist film with accompanying music by Paddy Moloney and The Chieftains. Many of Paddy Carey films depict a scarcity of civilisation, an untouched landscape, but here he treats the viewer to the beauties of landscape interwoven with a vivid tapestry of human activity: anglers in a lively river; […]


A study of the sleepy village of Ennis, Co. Clare, in the 1940s and how Shannon Airport affected daily life in the locality. While Pathé’s lens focuses on primitive thatched cottages, a narrator describes how Ennis ‘clings to the old ways of life’. A young boy fills a bucket from a street pump and the […]

JWT Holidays: 1971 Italy

AaronH IFI
A short advertisement for Joe Walsh Tours holidays summer 1971 season. In the voicoever, Larry Gogan highlights the reasonable fares to Yugoslavia, Ibiza and Italy. To see more from The Irish Adverts Project, click here. (1844)

Aer Lingus: Brand of Flying

AaronH IFI
Advertisement for Aer Lingus, highlighting how they are the only airline flying to America on the 747. Throughout, a jingle sings ‘There is an Aer Lingus brand of flying.’ To see more from The Irish Adverts Project, click here.   (3088)