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Our Boys’ Stories – Stolen Lives – Episode 1

The first episode of Stolen Lives focuses on the stories of four men and their experience of Ireland’s industrial schools. Their personal narratives expose the lifelong effect of physical, mental and sexual abuse on the residents of Irish institutions between the 1940s and 1970s in Ireland. Stolen Lives is a three-part series which is included […]

Philomena’s Story – Stolen Lives – Episode 3

The final episode in the Stolen Lives series is Philomena’s Story. Philomena Byrne recounts her own harrowing experience in a Dublin industrial school and speaks about the traumatic legacy of the industrial school scheme in Ireland. Stolen Lives is a three-part series which is included in The Louis Lentin Collection. View the full collection here. […]

Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter was the first televised exposure of the horrific abuse of hundreds of children in Ireland’s industrial schools. Christine Buckley bravely recounts the extent of the atrocities she experienced as a child in Dublin’s Goldenbridge orphanage in this drama-documentary. Born in Dublin, she was the daughter of a married Irish woman and a Nigerian […]

St. Patrick’s Country

The story of the Irish patron Saint, Patrick is explored through footage of his adopted homeland in picturesque Northern Ireland. This 1935 film from the Pathe Pictorial cinemagazine series depicts the village of Raholp, Co. Down, where St. Patrick grew up. The narrator tells how very little has changed in the sleepy village since the […]

Legend of the Lough

This short travelogue, part of the Pathetone Weekly cinemagazine, features the scenic landscapes of Glendalough, Co. Wicklow. Stunning footage of the ‘earthly paradise’ includes the upper and lower lakes, the majestic round tower, St. Kevin’s Church, and a ruined monastery. The narrator tells the story of St. Kevin – an Irish saint who lived very […]

Gaol For a Kiss

This newsreel features a laughing Julia Clarke who fled Ireland after being sentenced to one month in gaol for kissing her boyfriend. Julia Clarke, from Glasgow, was sentenced by Dundalk Court for kissing her boyfriend on church property at Blackrock, Co. Louth. According to a news article at the time, ‘the local vigilance committee was […]

A Million People Kneel in Worship

The Eucharistic Congress, one of the largest public events to ever take place in Ireland, occurred between the 22nd and 26th of June 1932.  As part of the 31st Congress clergy and lay people from all over the world came to celebrate the ‘Holy Eucharist’ in Dublin. The vast scale of the final Congress mass […]

Irish Catholic Ceremony at Cashel Castle

AaronH IFI
This newsreel shows the Catholic Emancipation Centenary Celebration which took place at the Rock of Cashel in June 1929. This was the first time mass was celebrated on the Rock in 300 years. Count John McCormack, a famous Irish tenor, can be seen performing to the enormous crowd during the Mass. The Rock of Cashel […]

Ireland’s Holy Mount

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This footage captures a pilgrimage to Ireland’s Holy Mount, Croagh Patrick, from 1921 where thousands of people toil over bog and boulders to reach the summit and pray for peace. Croagh Patrick is a 764 metre-high mountain and an important site of pilgrimage in County Mayo, Ireland. It is the third highest mountain in County […]

Give Up Yer Aul Sins

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Give Up Yer Aul Sins is an Academy Award® nominated short film, which humorously reenacts original recordings of Dublin schoolrooms in the 1960s made by Peig Cunningham and subsequently rediscovered and released by EMI. In the film, a documentary crew arrives to film the activities of the classroom. The teacher chooses Mary to retell, in […]

Ding Dong Denny’s History of Ireland

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A tourist walks into a Dublin pub looking for directions and encounters Ding Dong Denny O’Reilly at the bar. Ding Dong insists on telling him the ‘real’ history of Ireland over a number of pints. From the Normans to the Famine to 1916 and the sex shops of O’Connell Street, we hear Ding Dong Denny’s […]