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Film Club Antics

A light-hearted look at an amateur film production.  A film crew acts out a pre-production meeting for a film they declare could be ‘a fundamental experience in existential cinematography’.  Filmed on the Magee Campus of Ulster University the crew, which includes sound, camera and lighting technicians, record three actors (Carmel McCallion, Gerry Downey & Gordon […]


One of Terence McDonald’s more experimental, darker films, Nebelung centres on the distressed mental state of a German language teacher precipitated by the discovery of an old photograph in his classroom.  A former teacher himself, McDonald captures the disarming stares of the children in the hushed but tense atmosphere of the classroom. On finding the old photo, the teacher suffers from claustrophobic hallucinations […]

The Stones Will Speak

Over magnificent images of Irish natural beauty, featuring Ben Bulben, Achill Island and Kylemore Abbey amongst other sites, voices of residents of the west coast tell the stories of their lives – dispelling romantic notions of rural life with tales of immigration, loneliness and hard work.  The first sequence tells the story of an elderly man who recalls memories […]

The Secret

A spiritual fable, written by Fr Cyril Farrell, about a mysterious Christ-like figure who comes down from the mountain to visit a land shrouded in fog. The stranger remains in shadowy silhouette throughout this allegorical tale told in voiceover, accompanied by stunning images of flora and fauna. The stranger wonders why the communities of giants and pygmies are […]

Long Hard Road

With opening and closing remarks from John Hume, Long Hard Road is a promotional film designed to appeal to American benefactors, highlighting the social improvement projects that have been aided by funds channeled from the Northern Ireland Resurgence Trust. Hume advocates that the real wealth of Northern Ireland is in its own people and that the people must harness their talents to lift themselves up.  Projects which have secured funding include building […]

The Portable Theatre

An appealing portrait of the McCormick players, one of the last travelling theatre groups in Ireland in the late 1960s.  Terence McDonald captures their variety show of songs, sketches and puppetry, along with interviews with the family members, most of whom were born into the business and have been on stage from as young as three years […]

The Option

Hear the views of the men behind the cloth in this humanising short documentary examining the changing role of the Roman Catholic priest in 1970s Ireland.   In a range of interviews with clerics such as Father, later Bishop, Edward Daly and lay-people topics of celibacy, women, charity and social class are discussed. They reflect on what drew them to the […]


‘If there is one thing history teaches, it is that history teaches nothing, man’s nature has changed little through the centuries. Despite progress, people find it more difficult today to live in peace than they did in the past. Each generation has to learn this lesson for itself.’ The Story of Man was a cross-community original […]

Zwischen uns sei Wahrheit

This wry, enigmatic horror film opens audaciously with the Twentieth Century Fox logo. A private viewing of a classic scary movie inspires the viewer to recall a wordless story of five men who meet under mysterious circumstances and receive secret notes. The brassy score builds the suspense as the men meet and square off in […]


Impressed by Terence McDonald’s film The Parish Centre, Fr Michael Collins commissioned McDonald to make Ballinascreen, documenting his parish in Draperstown, County Derry. This charming hour-long colour film, with a detailed narration by Gerry Wills, captures the farming practices, local industry, traditional music and dance, sport, religious life and education of the parish and surrounding […]

Rose Dugdale – Mná an IRA

Rose Dugdale has led an extraordinary life and her unexpected involvement in the IRA and subsequent imprisonment became headline news all around the world in the 1970s. In this programme she tells the story of how and why she went from being a member of an aristocratic English family to becoming involved in the republican […]

Pamela Kane – Mná an IRA

Pamela Kane grew up in a republican family in north Dublin. She recalls the formative impact of seeing how the nationalist population was treated when on childhood family holidays in her father’s homeland of Tyrone. She became actively involved in the republican movement during the 1980s hunger strikes in Northern Ireland. At this time, Sinn […]