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Mr. Alfred Lord Mayor of Dublin

In this sound newsreel the Lord Major of Dublin, Alfred (Alfie) Byrne, discusses Anglo-Irish relations and the prospect of a United Ireland in this speech from 1936. Seated comfortably in an armchair in a garden and wearing his mayoral chain of office,  Mayor Alfie Byrne assures Pathé Gazette viewers that there is no serious animosity […]

Solving Boundary Question

AaronH IFI
This newsreel dates from December 11th 1924. It shows members of the Boundary Commission beginning, what is described as, a ‘purely informal’ tour of the boundary wall. Although the names of the commissioners are not given, they are most likely Dr. Eoin Mac Neil, J.R Fisher and Mr. Justice Feetham. The border wall was a […]

The Seat of All The Trouble

AaronH IFI
This newsreel shows the first images of the ‘much debated’ Ulster border wall. A member of the Royal Ulster Constabulary stands guard, looking over the dry stone wall in Belleek, County Fermanagh. Another stands guard at the top of a turret under an Irish National Flag. The border wall was a delicate issue and the […]