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A City Solitary

Opening with a quote from Lamentations ‘How doth the city sit solitary that was full of people’ and the melody of Londonderry Air (more recognisable to many as the tune of Danny Boy), this expository documentary is an early collaboration between Terence McDonald and John Hume, based on Hume’s research towards his 1964 thesis on the city of Derry (later published as Derry Beyond the Walls, 2002). By focusing on Derry’s economic and social history, the […]

The Fugitive

The Fugitive is a delightful slapstick comedy involving the pursuit of a runaway pram on the endless hills of Derry, loaded with cinematic references from Battleship Potemkin’s Odessa steps sequence to the US soap opera Peyton Place.  What starts as a pleasant walk in the park becomes a chaotic chase involving a robber, a multiplying mob and even a […]

The Best Man

A feature-length black comedy drama set in Derry about alcohol and relationships, as heavy drinking and hapless best man Billy tries to corrupt his newly sober friend, the groom, on his wedding day. Produced, shot and edited by Terence McDonald.  Billy (Seamus Ball) is an inveterate drinker and gambler who lives with his mother. The last of his circle of friends […]

The City of Londonderry

Where McDonald and Hume’s Two Hours From London is aimed at encouraging tourism to the region, The City of Londonderry promotes the Derry of the late 1960s as a centre of industrial development and economic potential. The city’s origins, surroundings, transport links, population demographics, technical education and leisure facilities are set out as important reasons for the expansion […]

Two Hours From London

Producers Terence McDonald and John Hume highlight the sights and sounds of Derry in this picturesque travelogue, aimed specifically at air travellers flying from London. Starting in the city, the camera takes in the Georgian architecture and famous city walls, still standing after three sieges. Rural tranquillity can be found a stone’s throw away and […]

City of Terror

AaronH IFI
In this compilation newsreel from 1920, we see the first pictures from Derry where soldiers stand on streets during the War of Independence. ‘The aftermath’ intertitle shows us the devastation the Civil War had on Dublin, showing the many shelled and gutted buildings. Many of these can be seen being pulled down by workers to […]


AaronH IFI
This feature length documentary profiles veteran Irish photographer, Colman Doyle, who has documented almost every major historical event in Ireland over a 50 year period. Directed by James Kelly, it explores Doyle’s vast archive of photographs covering the political, social and economic history of Ireland – both North and South – through the second half […]