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Cot, Coracle and Currach – Hidden Treasures

Hidden Treasures is a four-part documentary series examining the history of Irish folklife. The series combines restored 16mm field recordings (produced by the National Museum of Ireland from the 1950s to the 1970s) with contemporary recordings of traditional rural crafts and rituals. These images emphasise the self-sufficiency of rural householders and craft specialists, as they […]

A Bygone Craft

This 1931 newsreel depicts Irish men making a coracle, a hide-covered boat used for salmon fishing. The boat-making process is demonstrated to camera, from creating a base with twigs, to weaving the structure and covering it in animal hide for waterproofing. Men then push the coracle out onto the River Boyne and lay fishing nets. […]

Irish President in America

AaronH IFI
In January 1928, President William T. Cosgrave visited the USA and Canada, showcasing Ireland’s achievements on many radio broadcasts and events. This newsreel shows him arriving in New York on a boat and being greeted by bodyguards and US Dignitaries. His visit was a productive one politically but while on route to Ottawa from New […]

Review of Irish Events 1923

AaronH IFI
This newsreel is a compilation of events that happened in Ireland during 1923. The events are varied in content and tone but provide an interesting perspective on a country reaching the end of one of the most revolutionary periods in its history.   (853)

Killiney Hill – Father Delany Collection

AaronH IFI
This short amateur film shows a trip to Killiney Hill, Co Dublin, on a beautiful sunny day. The Obelisk stands proudly on the hilltop with views of the Wicklow Mountains in the distance. A boat trip takes us from Bullock Harbour past the beautiful Sorrento Terrace and towards Dalkey Island. Father Jack Delany (1906-1980) was […]