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Wonderful Western Islanders

This short documentary depicts the lives of the inhabitants of Aran Mór off the coast of Galway in 1924. This short film, made about ten years before Flaherty’s epic Man of Aran, is probably the earliest surviving film of the islands. It presents a multi-faceted portrait of island life showing locals going about their daily […]


AaronH IFI
This newsreel is set in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in the early 1920s. In contrast to other newsreels from this period, this footage focuses on the more relaxed day to day life activities in the area. From beautiful scenic views of the nearby countryside to the hustle and bustle of the city markets, this newsreel feels […]

All’s Fair in…

AaronH IFI
This newsreel shows a hostage being taken to the back of a Military patrol lorry where we see a group of soldiers (Black and Tans) stopping to pose for the camera. The Black and Tans, officially named the Royal Irish Constabulary Special Reserve, was a force of Temporary Constables recruited to assist the Royal Irish […]

Mr. Yeats and the Beastly Coins

AaronH IFI
Ten years after the Easter Rising, in 1926, the Free State government decided to create a new coinage for the new state. They invited the most famous poet in the world, W.B.Yeats, to chair the design committee. Behind-the-scenes battles were fought before the new coins became one of the most enduring success stories of the […]