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Amharc Eireann: Eagrán 73, NEW YEAR SALE FEVER

Newsreel, Irish Culture, Entertainment, History, Irish Language
Directed by:
Produced by:
Gael Linn


1min 6secs
Irish w/Eng Subtitles

New Year’s day 1964 and the queue outside Arnotts department store on Henry Street was full of keen-eyed bargain hunters eagerly awaiting the doors to open.
As the line grew longer and crowds spilled out onto the street aside passing cars (Henry Street was later pedestrianised in the 1980s) it was time for the flood gates to open as the throng of thrifty shoppers rushed inside, the hunt for a bargain was on.

The majority of the customers were ladies looking for everything from shoes and dresses, to hats and scarves, while the gentlemen smoked their pipes and looked on in confusion. The shoppers tried on felt fedoras and sorted through piles shoes: it’s clear to see very little has changed when it comes to our shopping habits. However, as the narrator, Padraig Ó Raghallaigh points out, perhaps not everything on sale is a bargain if it’s not needed.

Produced by Gael Linn, Amharc Eireann ( A view of Ireland) is Ireland’s longest running indigenous newsreel series.  Made in the Irish language  for the purpose of promoting its use, each episode featured a broad range of topics, from hard news stories to lighter magazine like items. Between 1956 and 1964, 267 editions of the newsreel were produced for cinema exhibition.

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With kind permission of Gael Linn.