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Monsignor Reid Collection: LIMERICK CITY

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This short segment of film gives a glimpse of Limerick City in 1947. The camera captures the hustle and bustle of O’Connell Street, the main thoroughfare of Limerick City. It ends with a shot of the Treaty Stone, on which the Treaty Of Limerick between the warring Williamites and Jacobites was signed in 1691.

Father, later Monsignor, William Reid acquired his first ‘movie’ camera in the mid-1930s. He continued to film a wide variety of subjects until the 1970s.  He filmed in the United States, where he lived for most of his life,  and also religiously documented life in Ireland with family and friends during his regular trips home.  His Irish films include holiday and family activities against the backdrop of beautiful Irish scenery.  He also captured holidays abroad in France, Spain, England and Italy.

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With kind permission of Ann O’Brien.