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Grandpa, Speak To Me In Russian

Documentary, Louis Lentin Collection
Directed by:
Louis Lentin
Produced by:
Crescendo Concepts


55 mins

This powerful documentary, funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, follows director Louis Lentin’s exploration of his family’s history and his particular fascination with his paternal grandfather, Kalman.

Kalman, who came to Ireland from Lithuania in the late 19th Century was one of thousands of Jews who escaped the repressive Russian regime, and one of the very few who came to Ireland. The film looks at his life and explores the impact of being exiled, cut off from home and adjusting to an unfamiliar way of life in a country that didn’t feel like home.

This very personal film interlaces the story of the migrant grandfather and that of his grandson and asks the question: ‘What are we if not reflections of our past: if we don’t know our past what can we bring to our present?’

With kind permission of Ronit Lentin.