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Desmond Egan Collection: Killarney Scenes

Amateur, Irish Culture
Directed by:
Produced by:
Desmond Egan


15mins 32secs

Framed by the stunning surroundings of Killarney, this colourful short amateur film by Desmond Egan features a range of scenes. From a mother and daughter enjoying a picnic at the foot of the mountains to panning shots of the lakes, rivers and springs showcasing all what makes this party of Kerry so unique.

The traditional Irish craft of wool spinning is also on display where we see the various processes required to prepare the fleece.

Desmond Egan was a skilled amateur filmmaker with a background in professional production. A wine merchant by trade, he lived with his wife and 4 daughters in Glenageary Co. Dublin. His collection of silent, colour films includes home movies, short dramas and documentaries on a range of subjects.

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With kind permission of Shirley Cullen.