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Trial of Casement

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This newsreel contains various segments. The first short item captures crowds waiting to hear the outcome of the trial of British diplomat turned Irish nationalist Sir Roger Casement at Bow Street Magistrates Court. Only one piece of footage of Casement is known to exist and, for this Topical Budget’s newsreel, cameras had to improvise as […]

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An introduction to The Irish Independence Film Collection by Ciara Chambers followed by a playlist of curated newsreels with individual introductions and commentaries. (113)

President Cosgrave

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In this newsreel from November 1930, President William T. Cosgrave speaks to the camera (for the first time with sound) addressing Ireland and ‘her status and International affairs’. In this heavily edited newsreel (an exclusive to Pathé) he talks about the international and economic struggles that face everyone at this time. He also discusses how […]

Ireland’s Great New Harbour

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In this newsreel William T. Cosgrave opens the new Harbour in Waterford, December 1929. President Cosgrave delivers a speech and cuts the ribbon to the applause of the crowd. Between 1926 and 1929, the Irish Government carried out a review of all ports in Ireland. The harbour was crucial for Waterford as shipbuilding was a […]

The GPO – After 13 Years

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This newsreel marks a momentous occasion in Irish history: the formal reopening of the General Post Office on O’Connell Street. President William T. Cosgrave stands alongside T.D.s and Senators on a platform in front of the newly rebuilt GPO. The President addresses the huge crowd that has gathered and the Irish tricolour is raised. Only […]

Irish Catholic Ceremony at Cashel Castle

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This newsreel shows the Catholic Emancipation Centenary Celebration which took place at the Rock of Cashel in June 1929. This was the first time mass was celebrated on the Rock in 300 years. Count John McCormack, a famous Irish tenor, can be seen performing to the enormous crowd during the Mass. The Rock of Cashel […]

Preparing for the Electricity Era

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In this newsreel from 1929, the dawn of a new Ireland can be seen with the Shannon Scheme paving the way for new kind of energy. In a dramatic fashion, Master Vincent Bowen presses a plunger to detonate explosives to blow up the 120 foot chimneys of the Carrick-on-Suir Creamery. The Shannon (hydroelectric) Scheme was […]

The Shannon Scheme

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The Shannon (hydroelectric) Scheme was a huge development by the Irish Free State in the 1920s. The aim was to harness the power of the River Shannon (Ireland’s longest river) and, through the Ardnacrusha Power Plant in County Clare, produce electricity across the country. The Shannon Scheme was officially opened on July 22nd 1929. One […]

His Grace, The Archbishop of Dublin

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The Church of Saint Vincent De Paul in Marino was completed in 1928 on the old Charlemont estate. In this newsreel the Archbishop of Dublin, Dr. Edward Byrne, is seen blessing it with holy water as a huge crowd of people gather outside the church. (424)

Impressive Religious Ceremony

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This newsreel shows the Archbishop of Dublin blessing the new Church at Crooksling Sanatorium. The Crooksling Sanatorium was established by the Dublin Joint Hospital Board, at Brittas, Dublin in 1911. It was founded to help prevent consumption (a term once used to describe diseases like TB). Here the bishop walks around the building with other […]

Irish President in America

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In January 1928, President William T. Cosgrave visited the USA and Canada, showcasing Ireland’s achievements on many radio broadcasts and events. This newsreel shows him arriving in New York on a boat and being greeted by bodyguards and US Dignitaries. His visit was a productive one politically but while on route to Ottawa from New […]

The New Cork

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This 1927 newsreel presents a ‘New Cork’ following the devastating destruction caused to Cork city during The War of Independence. The camera travels down Patrick Street where we see some of the newly rebuilt buildings like Cash’s, Egan’s, Roches Stores and the Munster Arcade. This construction happened within a few years and helped create new […]