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The Blacksmith

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In this Roy Spence film, created for the Ulster Folk Museum, Joe O’Neill shows a range of blacksmithing skills and techniques using tools and methods that have not changed in centuries. These include heat welding, scarfing, scrolling, curling and bending. All completed in a traditional simple forge. The original version of the film included an […]

Crock of Gold

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When two children discover a herd of cows at the end of the rainbow they are disappointed as they were expecting to find gold. The film traces the journey of butter from cows grazing, to milking, to the final churning of milk into a crock of gold – packets of butter –  much to the […]

Maidens in Distress

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This delightful film documents a trip by ferryboat to the Maidens lighthouse on the little island of Magee, Co. Antrim, to deliver essential supplies to the lighthouse crew.  Shortly after this movie was shot, the lighthouse became fully automated and the need for this service disappeared. Roy Spence is an award-winning amateur filmmaker. For the […]

Tudor Style

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A short documentary film on the privately owned Tudor Cinema built and run by Roy Spence’s identical twin brother Noel. The film shows the preparation and organisation involved in running the small 66 seat private cinema and is a loving tribute to classic cinemas of a bygone era. Roy Spence is an award-winning amateur filmmaker. […]

Along the Milky Way

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A comical documentary film by Roy Spence focuses on the various stages of a bottle of school milk. The commentary is given by a pint-sized cartoon character called Junior who appears on the milk-bottle cap. He explains the whole procedure to a little girl at school who has confused the words ‘diary’ and ‘’dairy’. This […]

Bending the Sally

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In this documentary by Roy Spence, willow weaver Alison Fitzgerald takes the viewer through the labour intensive process of weaving a ciseog from willow rods, from her workshop Greenwood Baskets in Loughgall. A ciseog is a type of basket that is traditionally used for straining potatoes. From the cutting of the willow rods to the […]

Tommy Orr, Blacksmith

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This loving crafted short documentary follows the work of Tommy Orr of Killinchy, Co. Down, who has carried on the family tradition as a blacksmith for over 40 years. From the ringing of the anvil to the smoke billowing from the roadside forge, this film focuses on his work as a farrier and shows not […]

Leather to Last

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This documentary was made by Roy Spence for the Ulster Folk Museum and showcases the work of Alex Ralston. Ralston is one of the few remaining shoemakers in Belfast who hand crafts shoes using leather and traditional skills. Alex takes us through the entire process from original pattern through to the finished pair of shoes. […]

James Mullholland, Basketmaker

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This short documentary film, made by Roy Spence for the Ulster Folk Museum, focuses on the work of master willow-weaver, James Mulholland of Gawley’s Gate, Co. Armagh. The film traces the various stages in the making of a willow log basket from cutting the raw willow rods through to the completed product. Roy Spence is […]

Dots, Whips and Cobwebs

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This film looks at the work of three prominent lace makers in Carrickmacross, Northern Ireland in the 1980s. Mary Wilson, Mary McMahon and Rose Feeney show various intricate lacework techniques that were inspired by their natural surroundings, as well as teaching us the history and language of lace through detailed demonstrations, all captured beautifully in […]

Valley Ice Cream: Big Red

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An advertisement for Valley Ice Cream, encouraging people to get their next ice cream pop from ‘the big red fridge’. Featuring all the favourites, including Choc Ice. Valley Ice Cream was based in Thurles, Co Tipperary, and closed in 1997. To see more from The Irish Adverts Project, click here. (2187)

Irelands Agony

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The Burning of Cork by British forces took place on the night of December 11th and 12th 1920 , during the Irish War of Independence. It followed an Irish Republican Army ambush of a British Auxiliary patrol in the city, which wounded twelve auxiliaries, one fatally. In retaliation the Auxiliaries, Black and Tans and British […]