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Armistice Day Dublin

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In this newsreel from November 11th 1924, 50,000 people gather at College Green in Dublin to honour the 35,000 Irish soldiers who died fighting in World War One. As wreaths are being laid out in front of a memorial, and men bow their heads to the 16th Irish Division, we are told a spontaneous rendition […]

Remembrance Day Bray

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November 1924, a day of remembrance in Bray. This newsreel shows a crowd of people lining up to show gratitude to the 200 people from Bray who died in World War 1. A moment’s silence is observed before veterans, women and children decorate the base of the memorial with wreaths. This was one of the […]

The Seat of All The Trouble

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This newsreel shows the first images of the “much debated” Ulster border wall. A member of the Royal Ulster Constabulary stands guard looking over the dry stone wall. Another stands guard at the top of a turret under an Irish National Flag. The border wall was a delicate issue and the Irish Boundary Commission was […]

300,000 at Demonstration

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300,000 people attend a demonstration at a Ulster Loyalist meeting in Omagh. A man is seen giving a speech on a podium to the huge crowd, some carrying Union flags and others with signs with place names on such as Ballycawley and Clocher. The term loyalist was first used in Irish politics in the 1790s to refer […]

Curragh Stable Lads Strike

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The early 1920s were a turbulent time for Ireland. Following the War of Independence and The Civil War, Ireland experienced a severe economic depression. Farmers in the west of Ireland were the most severely hit with poor harvest prospects and little to no employment prospects. One industry that was still thriving during these difficult economic […]

Ireland Healing Her Wounds

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October 1925, 3 years  after the “Battle of the Four Courts’’ , when it was nearly destroyed by shellfire in a republican outbreak, Ireland’s main courthouse building is rising from its ashes as work is carried out to rebuild and repair it to its former glory. Following the War of Independence, much of Dublin city […]

Review of Irish Events 1923

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This newsreel is a compilation of events that happened in Ireland during 1923. The events are varied in content and tone but provide an interesting perspective on a country reaching the end of one of the most revolutionary periods in its history.   (522)

Cenotaph to Michael Collins

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This newsreel filmed in August 1923, shows the unveiling of a Cenotaph to honour the memory of Michael Collins and Arthur Griffith marking the first anniversary of their deaths, is unveiled in Dublin. This was a wooden structure that contained plaster medallions of both men. By 1939 the structure had become dilapidated and with Finn […]

Sandycove Gala

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This joyful newsreel is a refreshing window into Ireland in 1923. The annual Sandycove Gala and Dun Laoghaire Regatta is taking place and the crowds attending are dressed in their finest attire. A gentleman can be seen conducting boys playing instruments as men and women sit at the nearby benches enjoying the show. Swimmers bravely […]

Free State or Republic

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Scenes of Polling stations at the Irish general election are shown in this newsreel, where the main issue being voted on was whether the country should remain as a Free State or become a full Republic –  the goal of de Valera’s Fianna Fáil party. Crowds of people gather on Marlborough Street and Free state […]

Fleet Visits Belfast

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The British fleet visits Belfast “And Liberty men come ashore (“Liberty men” was the term used for navy soldiers who were allowed off the ship) Four destroyer war ships are seen anchored as sailors hang over the railings of a vessel, cheering to the camera. A passenger boat crowded with sailors passes the camera, the […]

Heroes Honoured

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In this newsreel from August 1923, a Cenotaph to honour the memory of Michael Collins and Arthur Griffith is unveiled in Dublin on the first anniversary of their deaths,. Similar to the other newsreel dedicated to this unveiling, this one has footage taken from a different angle, revealing William T. Cosgrave in attendance. This was […]