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Stop Thief (Coisc an Gadaí)

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One of a series of dramatised public information films commissioned by the Department of Health and directed here by actor/playwright Gerard Healy. A young Dublin girl becomes gravely ill with diphtheria and her parents are filled with remorse for their failure to immunise her. The aim of this film, commissioned by the Department of Health, […]


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One of a series of public information films directed with verve and humour by actor/playwright Gerard Healy. This film was commissioned by the Department of Posts and Telegraphs in the impoverished years of the 1950s, in an attempt to encourage Irish spendthrifts to mend their frivolous ways. The film’s intention was to encourage people to […]

The Silent Art

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This documentary, marking the directorial debut of Academy-Award nominated filmmaker Louis Marcus, is a luminous portrait of renowned Cork sculptor, Seamus Murphy (RHA). This first film-making endeavour by Louis Marcus serves as an invaluable record of his friend, sculptor Seamus Murphy (affectionately known as Stone Mad), and his work in his studio in Blackpool, Cork, […]


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Made by renowned and prolific director of dramas and documentaries, Kieran Hickey, this film shows members of the Half Moon Swimming Club braving the grim winter seas at Dublin’s South Wall in the winter of 1964/65. This was Hickey’s first film and provides the viewer an opportunity to eavesdrop on a moment in time. It […]

Faithful Departed

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This poetic short film uses Robert French photographs from the William Lawrence Collection held in the National Library. The photos illustrate the Dublin of 1904 which served as a backdrop to James Joyce’s Ulysses. Directed by renowned drama and documentary maker Kieran Hickey in 1968, the film traces Joyce’s childhood and adolescence, and his meeting […]

Clubs Are Trumps

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This short film was made to promote the activities of the Our Lady of Good Counsel Boys Club in Thomas Street, Dublin. In the 1950s Father McGrath, a Dublin-based Augustinian Priest, ran this social club in a working class area of Dublin’s inner-city. He decided that the production of a short film outlining the activities […]

Once Upon a Tram

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Take a nostalgic trip along the beautiful Dublin coast, escaping the hustle and bustle of the city while enjoying the clatter and clang of the old Howth tram. This gentle film, directed by John Sarsfield and James Maguire and narrated by Cyril Cusack, records one of the last journeys of the Howth Tram, as it […]


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Renowned Abbey actor Jack MacGowran investigates Irish courtship rituals from a male perspective in this slice of 1952. A series of humorous vignettes showcase the talents of this extraordinary character actor, best known for his theatre work with Samuel Beckett and his film work including a role in the classic horror movie, The Exorcist. MacGowran […]


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Take a step back in time and experience what it was like to shop inside Clerys of O’Connell Street in Dublin in the early 1930s. This charming advertisement was shot in 1932, just 10 years after the rebuilding of Clerys, which had been destroyed in the 1916 rising. With a bird’s eye view of the […]

Telecom Éireann: Anti-Vandalism

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Back in the 1980s, long before smart phones were dreamt of and when many houses didn’t have a landline, phone boxes containing payphones were a feature of the rural and urban landscape. In this public information film a youth is in the act of vandalizing a payphone before he is confronted by a gang of […]

The Irish Riviera

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This early example of a state-sponsored promotional film was made in 1936 and showcases the sunny south coast of Ireland and everything it has to offer to a first-time visitor to Ireland. Made by the Irish Tourist Association, the film briefly visits Cork City showing that from the busy shopping centre of Patrick’s Street, to […]

Irish Gossamer

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This innovative film made by Colm Ó Laoghaire corresponds the beauty of Irish-made fabrics with the breadth of colour and texture displayed in the Irish countryside. Commissioned by the Irish tourism board Bord Fáilte to entice visitors to Ireland, this visually-stunning short takes the viewer on a journey through Ireland in 1958 looking at Irish […]