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The New Ritual – Radharc

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In this Radharc documentary, Father Joe Dunn looks at the changes being made to the sacramental rituals of the Roman Catholic Church in 1962. In the 1960s far-reaching alterations in liturgy, theology and ecumenism were promoted by the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) and the laity was given a more central role in church governance. One […]

Men’s Sodality – Radharc

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In this documentary from 1962, Father Peter Lemass takes to the streets of Dublin to interview ordinary people about life in a large inner-city parish. Fr Lemass discovered that, when membership of the local Men’s Sodality religious group declined, a group of seven men took to the streets to re-engage lapsed members and enlist new […]

Mansion House Home Exhibition – Amharc Éireann: Eagrán 171

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Step into The Ideal Homes Exhibition in Dublin’s Mansion House and discover the most desirable homewares for 1962. The latest inventions and design innovations are on show including a host of time-saving gadgets which make life easier for the busy home-maker. Enjoy a wide range of products such as the washer/dryer combo that works at […]

LEINSTER RIFLE SHOOT – Amharc Éireann: Eagrán 171

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The 1962 Leinster Gun Championships were held in Dublin with gunmen visiting from the 6 counties of Ulster to take part. There were a hundred rifle clubs in Northern Ireland and only 3 in the Republic of Ireland at this time. Thorough safety checks were carried out on all the guns before the competition. George […]

JAPANESE GOODS ON DISPLAY – Amharc Éireann: Eagrán 126

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A visit to Brown Thomas’ sumptuous department store where a range of beautiful and unusual Japanese trinkets, toys and other goods are on display. In 1961, it wasn’t uncommon in Ireland for many ordinary household items to be manufactured in Japan. However, this exhibition showcased goods which demonstrated the beauty of Japanese artistry in more […]

BORD NA MÓNA FACTORY OPENING – Amharc Éireann: Eagrán 126

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Erskine Childers, Minister for Transport and Power, attends the official opening of the new Bord na Móna factory at Croghan in Co. Offaly in 1961. This newsreel documents the Minister and other dignitaries in attendance at the factory opening which heralded the creation of over 100 new jobs and the capacity to produce 100,000 peat […]

DUBLIN STUDENTS PROTEST – Amharc Éireann: Eagrán 126

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November 1961 and students from Trinity College marched the main streets of Dublin in protest at nuclear bomb testing. The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, CND, was established in the UK in 1958 in the wake of widespread fear of conflict and the effects of nuclear testing. CND quickly grew with branches in Scotland, Wales and […]

The Colleen Bawn

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The Colleen Bawn is an ambitious story which evolves from a simple rural tale to a complex narrative of social status, love, murder and deception. The film is inspired by the true events of the 1819 murder of 15 year-old Ellen Scanlan in Co. Clare, and based on the 1860 play of the same name […]

Bold Emmett, Ireland’s Martyr

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Irish revolutionary, Robert Emmett, leads a rebellion against British soldiers but his compatriot Con Daly is the true hero of the film. Despite the misspelling of Robert Emmet’s name throughout and some historical inaccuracy (Emmet fought in the rising of 1803 not 1798), the film is typical in its pursuit of authenticity in character and […]

You Remember Ellen

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Adapted by Kalem scenarist Gene Gauntier from the Thomas Moore poem of the same title, You Remember Ellen is a romantic drama of love across the economic divide. A humble, hard-working farmer’s daughter (Gauntier) lives a simple life until she happens upon a handsome young man on a country road. They fall in love, marry […]

The Lad From Old Ireland

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Terry (Sidney Olcott) , a poor Irish farmer, dreams of a better life and is tired of working the land. He decides to head west to build a better, more prosperous future in the USA. He bids farewell to his darling Aileen (Gene Gauntier) but promises he will return to her some day when he […]

Come Back to Erin

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Only one reel of this three-reel film has survived the ravages of time and so the tale is incomplete – but worth watching nonetheless. In this transatlantic tale, feisty young Peggy O’Malley (Gene Gauntier) refuses her father’s orders to marry Jerry, the village blacksmith and runs away to New York City via steam-liner. Upon landing […]