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Impressive Religious Ceremony

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This newsreel shows the Archbishop of Dublin blessing the new Church at Crooksling Sanatorium. The Crooksling Sanatorium was established by the Dublin Joint Hospital Board, at Brittas, Dublin in 1911 to help prevent consumption (a term once used to describe diseases like TB) amongst the poor. Here the bishop walks around the building with other […]

His Grace, The Archbishop of Dublin

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The Church of Saint Vincent De Paul in Marino was completed in 1928 on the old Charlemont estate. In this newsreel, the Archbishop of Dublin, Dr. Edward Byrne is seen blessing it with holy water as huge crowd of people gather outside the church. (265)

Irish Catholic Ceremony at Cashel Castle

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This newsreel shows the Catholic Emancipation Centenary Celebration which took place at the Rock of Cashel in June 1929. This was the first time mass was celebrated on the Rock in 300 years. Count John McCormack, a famous Irish tenor can be seen performing to the enormous crowd during the Mass. The Rock of Cashel […]

Unique Boxing Event

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This newsreel shows a “unique boxing event” from 1926 at McKee Barracks in Dublin. Teams representing the British and Free State Armies meet for the first time in an inter-army Boxing Contest. (399)

Pictures of Mr. de Valera

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This newsreel released by Pathé in June 1927 shows Éamon de Valera and his entire Fianna Fáil Party of 40 posing for the camera during the Elections. The launch of the Fianna Fáil Party happened the prior year, on May 16th  1926.Countess Markievicz is seen sitting beside de Valera with a broken arm (She died […]

President Cosgrave

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In this newsreel from November 1930, President William T. Cosgrave speaks to the camera (for the first time with sound) addressing Ireland and “her status and International affairs”. In this heavily edited newsreel (an exclusive to Pathé) he talks about the international and economic struggles that face everyone at this time, as well as Ireland […]

The Shannon Scheme

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The Shannon (hydroelectric) Scheme was a huge development by the Irish Free State in the 1920s. The aim was to harness the power of the River Shannon (Ireland’s longest river) and through the Ardnacrusha Power Plant in Clare, produce electricity across the country. The Shannon Scheme was officially opened on 22nd July 1929. One of […]

Dublin Calling

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Dublin 1925 and in this newsreel the press launch is taking place for the first broadcast Radio station in the Irish Free State, 2RN. The long wooden building (Nissen Hut) was home to the transmitter based in McKee Barracks beside the Phoenix Park at Blackhorse Avenue and their studio was located on Little Denmark Street […]

Over Sixty

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Over sixty Dublin manufactures take part in the Civic Week Pageant of Industry in September 1929. The Parade makes its way through O’Connell street, Corporation Fire engines and brands like “Jacob’s Biscuits” and “Guinness” trucks entertain the crowds as they pass through on floats and trucks. The first Irish Civic week Pageant launched in September […]

Longford Memorial

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August 27th 1925: A memorial to the fallen soldiers who fought in World War I is revealed in the main square of Longford town by Major General Sir William Hickie, who commanded the 16th Irish Division. Southern ex-servicemen pay tribute and remember the dead, while wreaths and flowers are laid at the foot of the […]

Connemara’s Appeal

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Following the War of Independence, the Civil War and economic depression, Ireland was in a ruinous state. Between 1923 and 1924, wages were cut by 16%, the old age pension was reduced by 10% and a seven day working week was introduced. For farmers, especially in the west of Ireland, harvests were particularly poor and […]

Solving Boundary Question

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This newsreel from December 11th 1924, shows members of the Boundary Commission beginning, what is described as a “purely informal” tour of the boundary wall. Although the names of the commissioners are not given, they are most likely Dr. Eoin Mac Neil, J.R Fisher and Mr. Justice Feetham. The border wall was a delicate issue […]