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Dublin Scenes 1915

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The official issue date for this newsreel is 1915 and it showcases various locations around Dublin. From the Wellington Monument in the Phoenix Park to the Ha’penny Bridge these shots give a real sense of how the city has changed so much and yet not at all. A Union Flag can be seen on the […]

Irish Ceremony – View of O’Connell

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This short newsreel shows what appears to be an Irish Volunteers parade on O’Connell Street in 1915. A large group of people have gathered to see the troops march through the city. The Irish Volunteers, sometimes called the Irish Volunteer Army, was a military organisation established in 1913 by Irish nationalists. It was formed in […]

Vice-Regal Procession

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This newsreel shows Lord Wimborne, The Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, being received by the officers and men of the Leinster Regiment on their state visit to Ballincurra on 21st August 1915. During this time, those who volunteered in 1914 would have completed their training and would be sent to the Western Front or Gallipoli. Lord […]

Funeral Victims of Gun Running – Dublin

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This newsreel shows the funeral of victims of gun running, following the Bachelor’s Walk massacre on July 26th 1914. A large crowd of Irish Citizen Army members are seen in procession led by a hearse. At this time Irish Volunteers (who later became the Irish Republican Army) were actively bringing guns from Germany to Ireland […]

Jim Larkin

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This newsreel shows a large gathering of people in front of the Irish Transport and General Workers Union building (Liberty Hall). They are joined by Jim Larkin, founder of the Irish Labour Party, ITGWU and the Workers Union of Ireland. This was most likely taken during the Lockout period of 1913 as we see shots […]

Derry Election Day

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This short Topical Budget newsreel documents the by-election that took place on January 30th 1913. Nationalist David C.Hogg defeated his Unionist rival Colonel Pakenham by 2699 votes to 2642. This win was a major blow to the Unionists as it meant that the Nationalists held a majority of one seat in the 9 county province […]

Orangemen Demonstrate

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This newsreel is titled ‘Orangemen Demonstrate’ but the people marching in Belfast are actually the Irish National Foresters and Ulster Volunteers. The procession is followed by a group of women and young girls dressed in dark capes making their way through the city to a stadium where a demonstration is taking place. This footage is […]

George V & Queen Mary

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This newsreel was filmed on July 10th 1911, as King George V and Queen Mary arrived in Dublin. This was the King’s sixth time to visit Ireland but his first as king (having been crowned a fortnight earlier). As the new head of the British Empire, he had chosen to make his first visit to […]

Irish Peace Conference

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Contrary to the title of the newsreel, this is not footage from the Irish Peace Conference. It is a scene of smartly dressed ladies and gentlemen exiting the Academy Cinema on Pearse Street following a ‘Peace meeting’. (326)

Queen Victoria in Dublin 1900

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This newsreel from April 4th 1900, shows Queen Victoria arriving in Dun Laoghaire and starting her nine mile journey to the Phoenix Park in open carriage via the Royal Triumphal Archway on Leeson Street. This temporary archway was erected at the city boundary and was built specifically for this visit. The Queen stayed at the […]

Give Up Yer Aul Sins

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Give Up Yer Aul Sins is an Academy Award® nominated short film, which humorously reenacts original recordings of Dublin schoolrooms in the 1960s made by Peig Cunningham and subsequently rediscovered and released by EMI. In the film, a documentary crew arrives to film the activities of the classroom. The teacher chooses Mary to retell, in […]

The Last Elk

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The Last Elk re-imagines the story of the last of the wild Irish elk. Each animal is represented by a different musical sound; the elk experience peace, alongside harshness and strife, but always remain harmonious. When the last elk is killed at the hand of man, the music ceases, and the elk becomes a relic […]