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Sinn Féin Rising Liberty Hall Part 1

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This newsreel from April 1916 shows the devastation caused to Dublin city center after the Easter Rising. From the destruction of Liberty Hall at Beresford Place to the collapsing buildings on O’Connell street, this is one of the most eye opening newsreels from the Pathé collection highlighting the aftermath of the rebellion. The 1916 Easter […]

Red Cross Society Garden Fête in Dublin

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Red Cross functions were designed to help raise funds for the Red Cross charity. A variety of games and entertainment were planned. One game in particular shows a man trying to get into a basket which is balanced on two poles. He appears to pretend to be severely injured but based on the spectator’s reaction […]

Dublin 1916

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This brief newsreel clip of Dublin 1916 hints at the devastation caused by the 1916 Rising. The camera slowly pans from Eden Quay, looking down O’Connell Street to Bachelors walk. The bombing of buildings is still evident as smoke can be seen billowing out broken windows and rubble, as people walk among the smouldering debris. […]

Derry and Toms Ambulance Corps

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This short newsreel shows members of the Red Cross load a presumidly injured man on a stretcher onto the back of an ambulance. The location is unknown. A charabanc then leads a procession of new recruits (dressed in civilian clothes) followed by the ambulance. (341)

Irish Food Committee

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A close up of three Irish women at a table preparing food, most likely for soldiers. During the First World War era (1914- 1918) the women of Ireland quickly adapted to the many challenges initiated by Britain’s declaration of war against Germany. The country’s existing network of philanthropic organisations provided a solid foundation for a […]

Sinn Féin Rebels

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In this newsreel we see disarmed Sinn Féin rebels marching from the Richmond Barracks in Inchicore to be deported in Kingstown (now known as Dun Laoghaire). The Richmond Barracks is where more than 3,000 rebels including 1916 Rising leaders were sent for executions or to prison camps in England and Wales. A still of Eoin […]

Dublin Rebellion

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In this newsreel, British Troops march through the streets of Dublin and stand guard over the ruins of buildings in Dublin’s main thoroughfare, Sackville Street. Two years after these events, Sackville street would be renamed O’Connell Street after the nationalist leader Daniel O’Connell. The city of Dublin is in ruins and smoke continues to billow […]

Saint Patrick’s Day – 1916

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This newsreel was filmed on St Patrick’s Day 1916. Mrs. Tredennick presents shamrock pins to the officers of the 18th Battalion London Regiment (London Irish Rifles) at the Duke of York’s Headquarters in Chelsea. The London Irish Rifles (LIR) was a volunteer rifle regiment of the British army. From 1908 to 1920, the London Irish […]

Arrival of Sir Edward Carson

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This newsreel set at the Dockland in Belfast shows Edward Carson and other dignitaries being driven in an open top car, flanked on both sides of the street by Irish guards. Sir Edward Henry Carson (Baron Carson from 1900 to 1921) was an Irish unionist politician, barrister and judge. He became the leader of the […]

Sinn Féin Rising Liberty Hall Part 2

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This newsreel, although titled as Part 2 of the Sinn Féin Rising, does not initially show any of the Rising nor the aftermath. It showcases a Viceroy arriving off a boat and being greeted by a cheering crowd. This was most likely Ivor Guest (Lord Lieutenant, Viscount Wimborne) arriving in Belfast in 1915. The newsreel […]

Lying In State Of O’Donovan Rossa And Soldiers

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This newsreel shows the funeral of Jeremiah O’Donovan in August 1915. His wife Mary Jane and daughter Eileen can be seen paying their respects beside his coffin, draped with the Tricolour flag. Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa was an Irish Fenian leader and prominent member of the Irish Republican Brotherhood. His life as an Irish Fenian is […]

State Entry to Dublin Castle 1915

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Filmed in Dublin 1915 this footage shows a British representative arriving through the gates of Dublin Castle. The Royal Lancer Cavalry lead the way and are followed by various horse units. (1071)