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Forgive and Forget

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The formation of the Irish Free State “Recalling the King’s noble plea at Belfast for peace, a plea which has at last borne fruit”. This newsreel shows the royal progress from the Belfast docks, up High Street towards City Hall while Black and Tans occupy an armoured vehicle on Thomas Street. King George V used […]

The Treaty

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Filmed on December 1921, in this footage members of Dáil Éireann are seen exiting the doors of the University College Dublin at Earlsfort Terrace (now The National Concert Hall). Some of the deputies include, Count George Noble Plunkett, Kevin O’Higgins, George Gavin Duffy, Arthur Griffith, Éamon de Valera and Michael Collins. The Treaty, which would […]

Historic Pictures

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This newsreel shows pictures of the elected representatives of Southern Ireland who approved the Anglo -Irish Treaty alongside members of the provisional government. Figures include Michael Collins and Arthur Griffith in the front row. The Anglo-Irish Treaty was signed in London on December 6th 1921 and Dáil Éireann voted to approve the treaty on January […]

Sinn Féin Cabinet Divided

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In this newsreel from December 1921, Éamon de Valera and Cathal Brugha are shown sitting in a car following their rejection of the Peace Treaty. De Valera had famously not attended the negotiations himself in London but rather chose to stay in Ireland (as he would be better able to control the extremists at home). […]

Peace Council at the Palace- Pathé

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This is typical of the newsreels’ optimism that a peaceful solution could be found to the Irish question. In spite of the fact that this item reports the ‘splendid news’ that ‘peace was signed’ and depicts amicable interactions between the British and Irish delegation, the negotiations had been difficult and protracted. Michael Collins reported later […]

Historic Unionist Conference at Liverpool

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November 17th 1921, less than a month away from the signing of The Anglo-Irish Treaty, at a conference in Liverpool Unionists decide to support the Government, provided that Ulster’s position as part of Britain is protected. Liverpool had a substantial Irish population most of which were nationalist but a substantial proportion were unionist. The local […]

Will there be Peace in Ireland?

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In this newsreel Sir James Craig, the first Prime Minister of Northern Ireland in 1921, is seen giving a speech. This event was during the lead up to the treaty negotiations which would culminate to the Anglo-Irish Treaty in December of the same year. Craig was highly critical of Lloyd George’s negotiations with Sinn Féin […]

Government’s Answer to de Valera

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The first Cabinet meeting to be held beyond Downing Street or Chequers was held on September 7, 1921, in Inverness Town Hall as the future of British-Irish relations hung in the balance. Crowds gather outside for the  Arrival of the Cabinet – Winston Churchill and Prime Minister David Lloyd George . Lloyd George was on […]

Is it Peace?

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October 11th 1921: London, and Sinn Féin delegates, including  Arthur Griffith,  arrive for the first formal peace negotiations at 10 Downing Street. In this newsreel, scenes of the Irish Embassy at 17 Grosvenor Place, London are shown, with the Irish Tricolour flag prominently placed above the main entrance. Crowds are seen kneeling and praying on […]

Back from the USA

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In this newsreel Mary MacSwiney (older sister to Republican Terence MacSwiney) and Harold Boland (Sinn Féin) pose for the camera upon their return from the USA. Mary MacSwiney, T.D., Nationalist and Educationalist, supported the Irish War of Independence in 1919–21. After the death of her brother Terence in October 1920 during the height of the […]

Irelands Fate Decided in the Highlands

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In this newsreel from 1921, Prime Minster David Lloyd George meets Irish Viceroy, General Macready and Sir Hamar Greenwood at Brahan  Castle, in Easter Ross, Highlands Scotland. Lloyd George presided over the Government of Ireland Act 1920 which partitioned Ireland into Southern Ireland and Northern Ireland in May 1921 during the Anglo-Irish War. Lloyd George […]

Ireland’s Holy Mount

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This footage captures a pilgrimage to Ireland’s Holy Mount, Croagh Patrick from 1921 where thousands of people toil over bog and boulders to reach the summit and pray for peace. Croagh Patrick is a 764 metre-high mountain and an important site of pilgrimage in County Mayo, Ireland. It is the third highest mountain in County […]