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A Day of Drama

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This newsreel shows a crowd of people outside Mountjoy Prison in December 1922 in support of, and praying for the hunger striking prisoners. Between the years of 1913 – 1922 more than 1000 hunger strikes occurred in both England and Ireland. These types of protests were centred on common political issues, with seven people dying […]

More than Half a Million Mourners

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August 1922: In this newsreel Michael Collins is lying in repose in City Hall. Thousands of people line the streets outside to wait their turn to pay their respects. The Royal Irish Constabulary officers are working hard to try and hold back the crowds outside the Pro-Cathedral on Marlborough street. Michael Collins was an Irish […]

Funeral of Michael Collins

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In this newsreel from August 1922, thousands of people line the streets waiting their turn to pay their respects to Michael Collins. The Royal Irish Constabulary officers are working hard to try and hold back the crowds outside the Pro-Cathedral on Marlborough street. RIC Soldiers march up O’Connell Street behind the funeral carriage as it […]

Riots in Belfast

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During the War of Independence between 1920 -1922, Belfast experienced some of the worst rioting of the early 20th century, from the summer of 1920 right through to Autumn of 1922. This brief newsreel shows some of the devastation caused by rioting and destruction, as children are seen playing in the ruins and debris of […]

Michael Collins Crowds

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In this newsreel from August 1922, more than half a million people line O’Connell Street to pay their respects to Michael Collins and silently bid farewell to ‘Ireland’s Soldier Statesman’. His brother Seán Collins can be seen behind the coffin as it leaves the Pro-Cathedral on Marlborough Street Dublin, on its way to Glasnevin Cemetary. […]

General Michael Collins

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This brief newsreel focuses on Michael Collins at the funeral of President Arthur Griffith in August 1922. Standing in full uniform, this is the last moving picture ever taken of General Collins. He was assassinated 10 days after this footage was taken. Both Michael Collins and Arthur Griffith were considered two ‘Giants’ of Irish history […]

Dublin Mourns Dead President

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This newsreel, filmed in August 1922, shows a throng of people lined up outside the Pro Cathedral on Marlborough Street Dublin, for the funeral of former President, Arthur Griffith. O’Connell Street is cleared to make way for the funeral procession of over a half a million mourners, as the president makes his final journey to […]

Mopping Up

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The Battle of Adare took place on August 4th 1922. This unique newsreel from the Pathé Collection records the moment a band of rebels are captured and hold their hands up to surrender. The anti-treaty Republican Army forces occupying the town came under artillery fire with an 18 Pound Howwitzers from pro-Treaty Free State Troops. […]

Dublin’s Tribute to Fallen Guards

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Touching scenes at the funeral of nine National Soldiers killed in Kerry, August 1922. The procession crosses O’Connell Bridge and the streets are awash with people following the several horse-drawn carriages making their way towards Glasnevin Cemetery. (377)

Irish National Army Sweeping On

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Scenes of fighting in Limerick are shown in this newsreel. National Army men fire field guns and rifles in the open countryside and Lancia armoured cars and omnibuses park outside a burnt-out building with a partially painted out sign ‘Vote Sinn Féin IRA.’ The Battle of Kilmallock took place between July 25th and August 5th […]

Funeral of Mr.Cathal Brugha

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July 1922 and the funeral of Cathal Brugha takes place at Glasnevin Cemetery. Large crowds of people gather to pay their respects to the Irish revolutionary and former Minister for Defense. Cathal Brugha was active in the Easter Rising, Irish War of Independence and the Irish Civil War and was the first Ceann Comhairle (chairman) […]

Dublin Ireland in the Wake of the Battle

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The Battle of Dublin was a week of street battles in Dublin from June 28th  to July 5th 1922 that marked the beginning of the Irish Civil War. Six months after the Anglo-Irish Treaty ended the recent Irish War of Independence, Civil War was fought between the forces of the new Provisional Government and a […]