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Amharc Eireann: Eagrán 80, BADMINTON CHAMPIONSHIPS

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The All Ireland Badminton Championships Men’s Doubles took place in Terenure in Dublin on the 16th of December 1960, where the Ulster and Leinster teams fought for the title.

Winston Wilkinson or “Wilkie” and David McCullough, were the Leinster team and played David Porter and Leslie McAlpine from Ulster. Wilkie, a Belfast man, must have felt bitter-sweet by the end of the game having lost to fellow Ulstermen.

David Porter, another famous player, shouldn’t have been too upset having already won an All-Ireland Championship. Spectators in Court One looked on as it soon became clear that the pair from Belfast were the superior team and won an easy victory. Frank Peard, a world-famous Irish badminton player could be glimpsed in the crowd. Frank was paired with Jim Fitzgibbon and together they were the best men’s doubles pair in Europe for a period of two and half years in the early 1950s. In 1952 they reached the semi-final of the All England men’s doubles where they lost to the ultimate winners in three games. After the match Wilkie and McCullough shook hands and congratulated each other on a successful win.

Produced by Gael Linn, Amharc Eireann ( A view of Ireland) is Ireland’s longest running indigenous newsreel series.  Made in the Irish language  for the purpose of promoting its use, each episode featured a broad range of topics, from hard news stories to lighter magazine like items. Between 1956 and 1964, 267 editions of the newsreel were produced for cinema exhibition.

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