The Irish Independence Film Collection

Wexford Treaty Meeting

On April 8th 1922, Michael Collins visited Wexford Town where he made a speech at St. Peter’s Square to a large crowd. In this newsreel, we see some disruption caused by the anti-Treaty IRA. Train tracks were tampered with and in some cases lines were torn up. This was done to stop people from travelling […]

Historic Pictures

This newsreel shows pictures of the elected representatives of Southern Ireland who approved the Anglo -Irish Treaty alongside members of the provisional government. Figures include Michael Collins and Arthur Griffith in the front row. The Anglo-Irish Treaty was signed in London on December 6th 1921 and Dáil Éireann voted to approve the treaty on January […]

The Seat of All The Trouble

This newsreel shows the first images of the “much debated” Ulster border wall. A member of the Royal Ulster Constabulary stands guard looking over the dry stone wall. Another stands guard at the top of a turret under an Irish National Flag. The border wall was a delicate issue and the Irish Boundary Commission was […]