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Discovering Ireland

Irish Culture, Documentary, Entertainment, Travelogue
Louis Marcus Productions
28 min 48 sec

4:3, 16mm, Colour

This tourism promotional film was produced in 1982 by Bord Fáilte (now known as Fáilte Ireland) and presents Ireland and its rich history as an attractive holiday destination.

From the bustling streets of Dublin during the St Patrick’s Day Parade, to the serene calm of the River Shannon, this film, directed by Louis Marcus, shows the breadth of choice Ireland has to offer any visitor.

The 1980s were especially difficult times for Ireland. With high unemployment rates resulting in mass emigration, the country relied heavily on tourism to sustain the economy. Films like this one proved a useful tool in promoting the country to foreign travellers as an ideal place to visit, by showcasing the nation’s cultural and natural amenities. With extensive improvements in transportation and local infrastructure, coupled with extensive marketing plans to promote Irish heritage, Ireland quickly became a busy tourist destination in the ‘80s and ‘90s.

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With kind permission of Fáilte Ireland.



Director: Louis Marcus
Producer: Louis Marcus
Director of Photography: Robert Monks
Sound Recording: Pat Doyle, Oliver Clince, Pat Hayes
Music Composer: Shawn Davies
First Assistant Camera: Art O’Laoghaire
Sponsors: Bord Fáilte, Irish Continental Line, Aer Lingus, Shannon Development