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A road safety film where Mr. Careless, usually a good law-abiding citizen, becomes a menace when he gets behind the wheel of a car. Produced by the National Film Institute for the Department of Local Government in 1949 and directed by Liam O’Leary, this road safety film warns of the dangers of drink driving and […]


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Tubberware is a humorous and unusual short film directed by Irish playwright Paul Mercier. In a provocative exploration of Irish cultural heritage and identity in the modern world, the film presents a day in the life of an Irish-speaking district in the heart of Connemara and cleverly satirises the effects of tourism on the community. […]


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  In this short by Daniel O’Hara, Academy Award-nominee Stephen Rea plays Murph, a father who wakes up after a night on the town to the shocking realisation that he is now fluent in the Irish language but has completely forgotten how to speak English. Confused by this unusual situation he desperately reaches out to […]


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This short film was made for the Department of External Affairs’ Cultural Relations Committee by filmmaker (later archivist) Liam O Laoghaire (aka Liam O’Leary). The film was designed to promote the city of Dublin to its inhabitants and to potential visitors from abroad.  Brendan Stafford’s crisp black and white cinematography serves the city’s elegant architecture […]


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This documentary tracks the fascinating career of Jimmy Babyface  McLarnin, often referred to as the greatest Irish boxer of all time. Forgotten Irish boxing legend Jimmy McLarnin, aka ‘The Babyfaced Assassin’, a journeyman brawler originally from County Down battled his way to fortune and glory in the 1940s via two welterweight world championship titles, and […]


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This powerful documentary, funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, follows director Louis Lentin’s exploration of his family’s history and his particular fascination with his paternal Grandfather, Kalman. Kalman, who came to Ireland from Lithuania in the late 19th Century was one of thousands of Jews who escaped the repressive Russian regime, and one of […]

Father Delaney Collection: DUN LAOGHAIRE STORM

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This short amateur film by Father Delaney shows powerful waves crashing over the harbour walls on a stormy evening in Dun Laoghaire. A small group of people gather dangerously close to the edge as the boats and buoys rock erratically in the distance. One gentleman can be seen making a dash for it to avoid […]

Father Delaney Collection: CORPUS CHRISTI

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This amateur film by Father Jack Delaney shows hundreds of members of the inner city parish around Gloucester Street participating in the annual Corpus Christi procession, a Roman Catholic ritual celebrating the Eucharist. Traditionally all Catholic parishioners attended. In Father Delaney’s film we see children in their first holy communion and other religious attire.  This […]

Father Delaney Collection: FIRST COMMUNION

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In this film, Father Delaney captures a group of children dressed in their finest outfits, proudly walking down a Dublin inner-city street on the way to their First Holy Communion. A crowd gathers at the railings of the church to see the event and wave at the camera. Father Jack Delaney (1906-1980) was ordained in […]

Father Delaney Collection: SPORTS DAY

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Dalymount Park on a sunny day in 1934 and the school sports day is in full swing. A band plays (though silently as the film has no soundtrack) and there is a huge variety of activities on show for the crowds in the stands to enjoy – from boxing and cycling to a jolly sack […]

Father Delaney Collection: CARD GAMES

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This film shows a group of people playing card games in the sunny back garden of a family home at a time when card games and board games such as bridge and dominoes  were very popular. Father Jack Delaney (1906-1980) was ordained in 1930 at the age of 24 and served as a parish priest […]

Father Delaney Collection: CAMBRIA SHIP

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A newlywed couple board the TSS Cambria II in Dun Laoghaire. They bid farewell to their loved ones and set sail for Holyhead. The Twin Screw Steamer, Cambria, serviced the Dun Laoghaire to Holyhead route from 1921 to 1948 until it was scrapped and replace with the motor vessel Cambria. Father Jack Delaney (1906-1980) was […]