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This early example of a State Sponsored promotional film was made in 1936 and showcases the sunny south coast of Ireland and everything it has to offer to a first-time visitor to Ireland. Made by the Irish Tourist Association, the film briefly visits Cork City showing that from the busy shopping centre of Patrick’s Street, […]


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This innovative film made by Colm O Laoghaire corresponds the beauty of Irish-made fabrics with the breadth of colour and texture displayed in the Irish countryside. Commissioned by the Irish tourism board Bord Fáilte to entice visitors to Ireland, this visually-stunning short takes the viewer on a journey through Ireland in 1958 looking at Irish […]


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Ireland is beautiful all-year-round but spring is when it really blossoms. Produced by Colm O’ Laoghaire (director of the Amharc Éireann newsreels for Gael-Linn) this film is a celebration of all things Irish and a delightful window on 1950s Eire. The film focuses on An Tóstal (Irish for “The Pageant”) which was a series of […]


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This film, aimed at golfing enthusiasts, shows two of Ireland’s most famous golfers Christy O’Connor and Jack B. Carr playing on various golf courses throughout Ireland. Made by Robert Monks Film Services for Bord Failte Ireland in the 1970s this promotional film highlights the landscape and climate that makes Ireland so suitable for golf. A […]


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This beautifully-animated short made in 1956 takes a humorous approach to the promotion of tourism in Ireland. Next to agriculture, tourism was Ireland’s biggest industry and this short film highlighted its benefits for everyone in Ireland. Made for Bord Fáilte, the Irish tourist board, by Irish advertising agency O’Kennedy-Brindley and British cinema advertising company Pearl […]

The Horgan Brothers Collection: LEAVING CHURCH

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As future cinema owners, The Horgan Brothers had the foresight to know any event that attracted enormous crowds was worthy of filming. From 1917, their amateur newsreel The Youghal Gazette was shown in The Horgan Picture Theatre, and people from the locality would come to catch a glimpse of themselves on the big screen. This […]

The Horgan Brothers Collection: DECLAN’S WELL

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Located in Ardmore, Waterford, Saint Declan’s Well dates back to the 14th century. In this film the viewer is shown parts of the Oratory and Saint Declan’s Tower but perhaps the most interesting is the scene of Saint Declan’s stone, featuring a man and woman walking underneath it. Legend has it, on the feast day […]

The Horgan Brothers Collection: HUNGER STRIKERS

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This film captures the return to Ireland of Irish Republican prisoners who had been on hunger strike in Wormwood Scrubs prison, London. After the 1916 Rising a large number of Cork men were interned for their active role in the rebellion, many ending up being sent to Wormwood Scrubs and often resorting to hunger strike […]

The Horgan Brothers Collection: CLOCK TOWER ANIMATION

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The Youghal Clock Tower is a light hearted and playful exploration of the possibilities of animation in its infancy. In this short the well-known landmark is depicted dancing into frame as the clock gate comes to life, spinning and dancing through the main street of the Cork town. It should be noted that 1910 is […]

Amharc Eireann: Eagrán 240, BRITTAS BAY

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This newsreel from 1964 shows work being carried out on the beached ship “Seabank” which ran a ground after a severe storm and had been stuck in the sand in Brittas Bay for a nearly a year. Built in 1935, the ship was sold to Irish International Shipping after it became beached on March 4th […]

Amharc Eireann: Eagrán 80, TRAVELLING PEOPLE

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On 1st of December 1960, Gardaí visited every traveller caravan in the country on behalf of a commission set up by the Government to investigate the case of the “Knights of the Road”. The camp which was full of barrel-topped caravans with exquisite wooden carvings and decorative painted exteriors, was located in Cherry Orchard just […]

Amharc Eireann: Eagrán 80, FUR OF THE FUTURE

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Moriarty makes his debut at the show where 100s of chinchillas are exhibited and judged. However unlike the tribunal, poor Moriarty will not be able to avoid his fate. P.J. Holland, a judge from Wales, inspected the coats and assessed the quality of the fur. Judges from all over world came to these shows to […]